Monday, April 18, 2011

What isn't a Parent Coordinator?

In our previous post we explained what a parent coordinator is.

But it's also important to point out that Parent Coordinators cannot solve all of your problems, especially if you're not willing to work with them.

Parent Coordinators are NOT Therapists. They are not hired to help you deal with your personal issues, but rather for the specific purpose of helping you learn to co-parent effectively.

Parent Coordinators are NOT Couples Therapists. They are also not hired to help you "fix" or understand your relationship with your ex. Their job is to help you help your children by learning to communicate better.

Parent Coordinators are NOT Mediators. While some of what they do is similar to mediation, you're not trying to reach an agreement on a specific issue. One specific issue may result in your calling the coordinator, but long term the process is not about mediating one issue, but learning how to resolve all parenting issues more civilly.

Parent Coordinators are NOT Judges. Sometimes a parent coordinator will make a decision similar to a Judge if the parties have agreed to give them that authority. However, any decision is only binding until reviewed by the Court. And the use of this power is unusual because it defeats the goal of having the parents begin to work these issues out together rather than always seeking outside help.

Parent Coordinators are NOT Guardian Ad Litems. A Guardian At Litem reports to the Court on issues such as custody, after an investigation. It is not the job of a Parent Coordinator to report to the Court or to take sides.

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