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Newtown Tragedy: Actions Speak Louder

These are the victims of the school shooting that occurred on the morning of Friday, December 14, 2012 at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. We have purposefully not included a link to a news story in this post because the news is concentrating on the details of the gunman's life.  We believe that is a mistake.  Here is the information that we believe is important and undisputed: All of these victims deserved a longer life, and a better ending to their story. This tragedy was preventable, and future tragedies like this are preventable. Everyone of us has the ability to contribute in some way towards making our country a better place where violence like this is a history lesson instead of a headline. The only way that we can take away the power of one bad man to write the ending for these victims, is to change that ending by recognizing our ability to contribute, and taking action. We have all had three days now to voice our pain and outrage.  As a country w

A Tree Grows in your Office: A Metaphor for Divorce

We all know that to have a successful marriage, the relationship has to be nurtured and fed.  Spouses who do not pay attention to the needs of their relationship are doomed to grow apart instead of growing together.  But just because a marriage withers on the vine, doesn't mean that a divorce has to result in sour grapes. Many of the problems that prevent people from having a successful divorce stem from the false assumption that divorce is an endpoint. Divorce, like marriage, is a relationship.  Anyone who has been through a divorce can dispel the notion that a divorce is just an event, begun one day and over the next.  Divorce is a process, that takes time, requires patience, and still involves a relationship between spouses.  And when spouses have children together, that relationship doesn't end when the divorce becomes final, it continues for graduations, weddings, grandchildren and more. Divorce, like marriage, is a relationship.  Both at my firm and in many of th