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Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines News

Every four years, per federal requirements, the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines must be reviewed.  To that end, the Trial Court Chief Justice Paula M. Carey has announced the formation of the 2020-2021 Massachusetts Trial Court Child Support Guidelines Task Force . The Task Force is seeking public comment regarding the current Child Support Guidelines.  Written comments may be submitted to the Task Force at: by December 15, 2020. While we're awaiting the new guidelines, the court has finally updated their existing interactive worksheet to be more accessible .  The worksheet has been available as an interactive PDF since the last guidelines update in 2018.  However, the pdf doesn't work in all readers, and on mobile devices it may not be accessible.  The Court has now released a web-version of the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet which can be used in any browser or mobile device.  The pdf option is still available as well.  

Justice App - a Resource worth Downloading

Skylark's online Massachsuetts Child Support Calculator   was recently added as a resource on JusticeApp - a free downloadable resource from co-founders Damian Turco and Melina Munoz Turco.  This is the future of how clients will find reliable information, professionals and resources and we're pleased to be included. A Message from the Co-Founders: JusticeApp is a free mobile app designed to help people with legal problems manage their cases through the court system. The app doesn’t aim to create solutions for every legal problem.  Rather, it aggregates credible resources already created and maintain by government, legal aid organization, and, in some select instances, private attorneys, in a simple and clean interface. No more endless internet searches at two in the morning, wondering if the information you find is accurate and reliable.  Without leaving the app, JusticeApp guides you to resources on the law, courthouses, and the court’s official online docket. You can draft c