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Are divorce lawyers doing harm?

While the Hippocratic Oath is no longer required for doctors, we often hear the principle attributed to that ancient Greek oath for healers to "first, do no harm."  The translation is actually closer to "I will do no harm or injustice to them," but the sentiment is clear.  When trying to help someone, your first obligation is to not make things worse.   Today, I attended the third in a series of public forums held by the Child Support Guidelines Task Force giving people the opportunity to comment on what should change in the 2018 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines.  What struck me about the testimony is that very few people commented on the guidelines themselves.  Rather they focused on the perceived impact of the guidelines and of the courts on family conflict.  Almost universally, the commenters suggested that changes were needed because the experience in court impoverished families, increased conflict, and hurt children. Whether calling for a lower formula

Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines News - Part 2

Since we first posted about the upcoming update to the 2020-2021 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Task force  there have been a few additional updates: On December 15, 2020, the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation submitted comments from members on potential child support guidelines updates . While the comment period for submitting written comments closed on December 15, 2020, there are upcoming public forums and we're sharing the full notice with you below: NOTICE OF PUBLIC FORUMS CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES TASK FORCE SEEKS PUBLIC COMMENT Overview: Federal law and regulations require that each state review its Child Support Guidelines at least every four years. To comply with the federally required review, the Honorable Paula M. Carey, Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Trial Court, has appointed a Task Force to review the Child Support Guidelines that became effective on September 15, 2017, as amended June 15, 2018. Chief Justice Carey appointed the Honorable John D. Ca