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How to explain the new Domesticated Animal Restraining Order provisions to your pet!

On October 31, 2012, a new statute took effect in Massachusetts adding protection for domesticated animals in restraining order cases.  This does not mean that you can obtain a restraining order for your puppy from that feisty dog next door.  The new provisions only allow for a court order relating to the possession, care and protection of a pet when a temporary or permanent vacate, stay away, restraining or no contact order is already in effect or has been requested.   In simpler terms: this new law allows custody orders and protection orders for pets to protect them from the abusers of their human owners. So what do you do when your pet asks you how this new law affects them?  We've provided some helpful answers to make that conversation go more smoothly: "Super Awesome Best Friend, how can I help protect you from that angry guy?" "That's not something you have to worry about anymore.  The court provided me with an order that prevents him from coming