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Replace your cancelled Court Hearing with a Mediation

If you have a court hearing scheduled in the next few weeks, most likely you've been told it's postponed.  While some hearings will be scheduled telephonically and by video conference, the COVID-19 pandemic is likely causing significant delays in obtaining a hearing and an order or judgment.  This is understandable as the court and the bar figure out how to adjust to this crisis.  Regardless of how understandable these delays are, though, the experience for individuals going through conflict must be frustrating, disappointing, and in some cases devastating. Now is the time to consider your alternatives to court. Mediation, conciliation, collaborative representation, and arbitration are all available options to those looking to resolve their issues without further delay.  Many of these dispute resolution professionals already have experience using videoconferencing to meet with clients and for us, our business has continued almost uninterrupted.  At my office, Skylark L

Co-Parenting in a Crisis: COVID-19 and Beyond

UPDATE:  Chief Justice John D. Casey sends an  Open letter regarding co-parenting during COVID-19: "It is times like this, when society faces threats once thought unimaginable, that the rule of law is more important than ever... Parenting orders are not stayed during this period of time. In fact, it is important that children spend time with both of their parents and that each parent have the opportunity to engage in family activities, where provided for by court order. In cases where a parent must self-quarantine or is otherwise restricted from having contact with others, both parents should cooperate to allow for parenting time by video conference or telephone." Additional resources have become available during this crisis, please scroll to the bottom of this post for more resources. Co-Parenting in a Crisis: COVID-19 and Beyond by  Jennifer Hawthorne Mediators and collaborative professionals work with parents to create a realistic and practical parenting plan