Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is a Caregiver Authorization?

A Caregiver Authorization is an alternative to going to court for a guardianship of a minor. It is a form that allows a parent to give a Caregiver the power to make medical and education decisions for a child. A Caregiver is someone the child lives with who is not a parent.

A Caregiver Authorization is different from a Guardianship in a few major ways:

1. It does not give the Caregiver custody of the child, only the right to make decisions.

2. It does not take away any powers from the parents, and the parents retain final decision making authority.

3. A Caregiver Authorization can be revoked by a parent via letter to the caregiver.

A Caregiver Authorization is good for two years or until a parent revokes it.

For more information regarding why you would use a Caregiver Authorization and how to complete it read the Massachusetts Caregiver Instructions provided by the Court.

Click here to obtain the Caregiver Authorization Form.

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