Monday, September 26, 2011

New Same-Sex Divorce Resource

In Massachusetts, same-sex marriage is a right, and that means, for some, same-sex divorce will follow. When the unfortunate happens, can same-sex spouses hire any divorce attorney? Do all the same laws apply to these couples?

You might think that the legalization of same-sex marriage means that these couples have all the same rights as opposite-sex couples, but you would be wrong.

Even in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the discriminatory laws and practices of the federal government and other state governments can cause legal problems for same-sex couples who are married here. In addition, because gay marriage is a relatively new right in the Commonwealth, we are still learning how the laws of divorce and separation will be applied to these marriages.

There is a new site dedicated to providing information about the specific issues involved in Same-Sex Massachusetts Divorce cases called: SameSexMassDivorce.com.

SameSexMassDivorce.com is a resource where same-sex spouses considering divorce or already involved in a divorce can learn about the differences that face a same-sex couple in a divorce case, custody case, child support case, or an alimony case. There is also a same-sex version of our unique Parenting Plan Worksheet tool.

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