Friday, April 17, 2009

Kelsey & Trask has gone MOBILE

Check out the Kelsey & Trask MOBILE web site at http://mobile.kelseytrask.com. You can see the link on our main page in the upper left-hand corner:

Our NEW on-the-go site is just the basics for when you need our address or phone number or want to use one of our handy calculators on a minute's notice, such as from the Courthouse when you don't have access to your computer.

Need help filling out the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet at the courthouse, or just want to get a figure quickly? Check out the mobile K&T Child Support Guidelines Calculator.

The mobile Stevenson-Kelsey Spousal Support Calculator and Chapter 7 Means Test Calculator are available as well for quick reference on your cellphone or PDA.

And if you have an IPhone and want access to the Kelsey & Trask Calculators NOW - THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT, a web-app. Just type in mobile.kelseytrask.com into safari, your IPhone's web-browser; click the "+" sign and click "Add to Home Screen", edit the title you want and note that we have provided a slick new icon just for you IPhone users.

If you're anything like me, and enjoy your social networking, then your homepage might look like this:

Oh and if there are any Blackberry users out there, let us know how it looks on your browsers.

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